Gluten Free BBQ Sauce Recipe

Modified corn starches and flour are usually made use of as thickeners in commercially produced BBQ sauces, which makes them a source of gluten. Making your own gluten free BBQ sauce is quick and easy.

This gluten free BBQ sauce recipe has a smoky flavor due to the smoked paprika, which can be replaced with normal paprika if you prefer. The same goes for the cayenne pepper, leave it out or add more depending on how much of a bite you want your gluten free BBQ sauce to have. You can also substitute with other types of chili peppers, preferably in powder form though.

You can substitute the sugar for demerara if you are unable to find muscovado sugar. Avoid using bleached refined white sugar or corn syrup, which is what is usually used in commercially produced barbecue sauces. The muscovado sugar will caramelize when cooking, giving the meat additional flavor.


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