Blood Pressure Can Easily Be Reduced With Resistance Training

Research shows that resistance training offers similar benefits as aerobic exercise in lowering blood pressure.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
PMID: 20885204

The researchers investigated changes to arteries as well as blood flow after forty five minutes of moderate intensity resistance exercise making use of equipment like that normally used in fitness centers.

They discovered that resistance training led to as much as 20% in lowering blood pressure, and that it’s as effective as or even more effective than taking blood pressure lowering medication, and without the unwanted side effects.

Resistance exercise improves blood flow which in turn lowers blood pressure. The results are significant because it demonstrates that aerobic exercise is not the only method that an individual can use to improve cardiovascular health.

Aerobic exercise is the American Heart Association’s recommended exercise for reducing cardiovascular risk. There are however a lot of people with obesity or orthopedic limitations who cannot run or walk long distances. For these people, aerobic exercise would be contraindicated.

The researchers found that the benefits of resistance training carried on about half an hour after the exercise had finished and as much as 24 hours in those who trained for 30 to 45 minutes 3 times per week.

Women who make use of resistance training for lowering blood pressure benefit even more. Resistance training in addition helps treat as well as protect against osteoporosis.

Any type of exercise is beneficial, however, if aerobic exercise is not able to be performed, then resistance exercise could help for lowering blood pressure as well as increase metabolism and also provide psychological and social benefits.

Blood Pressure Can Easily Be Reduced With Resistance Training

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